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We are a natural pageant system where attire is not scored. Judges are looking for overall beauty (inside and out).  There is no makeup or spray tans allowed on anyone 6 years of age and younger.

Pretty in Pink is NOT a glitz pageant, but you may wear glitz clothing ~ you will not be judged on how much money was spent on your outfits and the glitz clothing will not guarantee you the crown.  Judging will be based on how the outfit is worn.  We want to SEE the girls and not just the clothing.

NO fake hair (unless medically necessary or if it is permanent), NO flippers (missing teeth, braces, etc. are all a part of growing up), NO makeup on ages 6 years and under, and age appropriate makeup on everyone else.

We are big on personality and inner beauty, and don't tolerate any disrespect towards anyone (this includes and is not limited to contestants, families, staff at venue, staff of the pageant, judges, etc.).  

This is a pageant to meet new friends, connect with old friends, to have fun and learn.  Bashing of any kind will NOT be tolerated and will be subject to AUTOMATIC disqualification (without refund) and contestant will no longer be eligible to compete at any Pretty in Pink Pageant.  

Pageantry exposes children to the modeling business and social aspects of life.  It develops self-esteem, self-confidence, friendships, network connections, and poise.  This pageant system teaches all contestants that not only outer beauty is important but also their inner beauty.

All score sheets and comments will be emailed to you within 10 days of the pageant.  Please DO NOT confront judges and/or ask them for comments.

Pretty in Pink is a pageant that will strive to make dreams come true.  Pretty in Pink is a pageant for the contestants.  Our desire is to watch the girls/ladies grow, and become a confident person.

Pretty is Pink does not discriminate against age.  You want to compete, come on down.  Every girl/woman deserves to be treated like the Queen/Princess she is and now is your chance.

Pretty in Pink does not have boundaries.  If you or someone you know lives is another state and wants to compete, you/them are very welcome to come join us.

Pretty in Pink hopes to make a difference in the contestants life, both present and future.  We want the contestant to make new friends, have fun and do the best that they can on the day of pageant.  That is ALL we ask for.  Everyone is going to earn a crown, because everyone IS a Winner.  But there is only ONE Supreme winner in each of the two pageants.  And there is always next time.  As the cliche' goes....PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT...Different Day...Different Judges.

Pretty in Pink Pageants motto is:


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