Pretty In Pink Pageants

A Family-Friendly NATURAL pageant system


1.  Pretty in Pink Pageants has all rights to extend any deadlines and to combine age groups due to low contestant numbers.
2.  NO experience is necessary to enter.
3.  Arrive early to allow time to set up and practice modeling on stage.  (Stage area will be available up to 1/2 hour before pageant starts).
4.  All entry fees and deposits submitted to Pretty in Pink Pageants are NON-REFUNDABLE. If you are unable to compete, your deposit/fees will roll over to the next scheduled pageant ONLY.  You must contact Director IMMEDIATELY (at least 3 days notice, unless act of God event - then you must notify Director ASAP or all deposits/fees will be forfeited and not rolled over).  If you are not able to attend next scheduled pageant, all deposits/fees will be forfeited to Pretty in Pink Pageants.
5.  The contestant(s) hereby releases any claim which she may have by virtue of her participation in Pretty in Pink Pageants, or any use of her photographs, likeness, voice, or appearance in connection with any pageant event, including but not limited to advertising, website, Facebook Fan Page (TMD Productions) and any promotional material related to the Pretty in Pink Pageant system.
6.  The contestant will NOT defame the Pageant, whether it is oral, written or otherwise stated. Defamation of Pretty in Pink Pageants will result in automatic relinquishment of title and prizes and/or disqualification with no refund upon request.  Contestant will also no longer be eligible to compete at any Pretty in Pink Pageants, its entities or events. All contestants are expected to conduct themselves in a ladylike manner while attending the pageant. We will not tolerate anyone making negative remarks about another contestant, the staff, Pretty in Pink Pageants, or the judges, or they will be asked to leave and disqualified with NO REFUND of fees.
7.  All contestants will compete in age group based on age as of date of pageant.  If we feel that we need proof of age, we will ask to see a copy of birth certificates, we have the right to ask for these documents. 
8.  Contestants will display good sportsmanship and honor the judges' decisions as final. Scores and comments will be emailed within 10 days of pageant.  Contestants are not to engage in a conversation with any of the Judges at any time before, during or after the pageant. If a contestant encounters a Judge before, during or after the pageant, she may exchange a brief hello. If a contestant is engaged in conversation with any of the Judges prior to or during the pageant, the contestant will be disqualified immediately based on the sole discretion of Pretty in Pink Pageants.
9.  Foul language, drugs, smoking, alcohol while attending or competing at the Pretty in Pink Pageant will be grounds for immediate removal/disqualification of family member(s) and/or contestant with NO refund of fees and will not be eligible to attend/compete at any Pretty in Pink Pageant.
10.  Pretty in Pink Pageants is not responsible for any items that are lost, stolen, or damaged during the pageant. Please mark all of your belongings. Also Pretty in Pink Pageants or anyone affiliated with the pageant or venue is not responsible for any injuries at the pageant.
11.  NO one other than the contestant and one FEMALE Chaperone is allowed in the dressing room.  This means no guest(s) or other family members are allowed, and ABSOLUTELY NO men in the dressing rooms. This rule will be strictly enforced.
12.  Flash photography or video recording of the pageant is allowed ~ unless otherwise noted.  
13.  Music will be provided for all phases of competition except for Talent.  Talent CD's must be turned in during registration.  Please make sure to label CD with contestant name and title/track of music.
14.  Pretty in Pink Pageants will NOT hold pageant if you are not ready for first competition category (Casual Wear).  We will hold for other categories if need be.  
15.  All Newborn to 23 month contestants MUST be escorted by a parent/chaperone. Contestants 2-6 years can be escorted by parent/chaperone, if desired - recommended but not required. Parents/chaperones please remember to not wear revealing clothing.  You will be bending over or squatting to assist your little ones and we do not want to be embarrassed, nor do we want you to be embarrassed.  Please dress appropriately.

Additional Rules/Info for Events:

*  All hair/makeup should be kept age appropriate. 
*  NO Makeup on any contestants newborn to age 6 (except for light lip gloss) (Makeup CAN be worn for Theme Wear Category ONLY!!  Please try and remove as much makeup as possible for the next competition category)
*  All attire should be of a color, fit and style that compliments.
*  There will be a group line-up for each division following each area of competition except Talent.
*  Be on time for line-up to assist us in keeping the pageant events on schedule.
*  Contestants will be crowned while wearing their Formal/Party Wear.

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